David J. Farley of Plympton, Plymouth, United Kingdom

David J. Farley of Plympton, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lib Dems dream of a European FBI

I am grateful to my MEP (Member of European Parliament) Mr. Ashley Fox for drawing this Lib Dem proposal to my attention in his latest Newsletter.  I share his opposition to such a plan. I quote him verbatim;

"I was somewhat shocked last month when I heard Liberal Democrat MEP Bill Newton Dunn calling for the European Union to have its own FBI-style law enforcement agency - with sweeping powers to intervene in criminal investigations across the continent.

In an interview with America's NBC news website, the East Midlands MEP insisted that a Europe-wide
police force was necessary to counter cross-border crime -and even claimed the move would save money.

I personally find the whole proposal deeply distasteful. Sadly this is a prime example of Liberal Democrats
letting their federalist ambitions get the better of them. According to their Euro-fanatical agenda, the EU must
be turned into a European superstate with all the trappings of statehood - president, foreign policy,diplomatic service, army and police force. It is crazy federalism, pure and simple. They have already enthusiastically embraced the idea of playing soldiers with taxpayers’ money by creating a European defence capability. Now they want to play cops and robbers too.

The answers to the problems of crossborder crime are closer co-operation and co-ordination between national forces, and more sophisticated sharing of intelligence. Not a huge Europe-wide squad of supposed supersleuths.

You can imagine how our own excellent police service would react to a Euro-FBI barging in with powers to over-rule them, to interfere in their work or even take over their investigations. That is how the FBI operates in the USA. Europe does not need a federal police force because it is not a federal state. A Brussels FBI would be more Clouseau than Poirot."

How do you feel about such a proposal? Constructive comments most welcome.

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Unknown said...

I agree, it would be awful if they came and interfered with whatever our police were dealing with.
it just would not work.