David J. Farley of Plympton, Plymouth, United Kingdom

David J. Farley of Plympton, Plymouth, United Kingdom

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Police detain phone smuggling cat

A criminal cat has been detained by police after it was caught attempting to smuggle mobile phones and chargers into a Russian prison.

With a cat’s natural athleticism and the agility needed to scale prison walls, picking an easily tuned feline seemed like an inspired choice to carry out the illegal operation.

The plot was foiled however, when prison officials spotted the items taped onto the black and white cat’s belly as it sat perched on top of a fence.

The prison service said the animal was detained on Friday at the prison near the city of Syktyvkar in the Komi province, around 600 miles north-east of Moscow.

‘They have foiled various attempts to smuggle banned objects into Prison Colony Number One before,’ said a spokesman for the regional prison service.

‘But in the case of the cat, the prison colony is at a loss: nothing like this has happened in the prison’s history.’

Despite being caught in the act, it’s likely this particular feline will avoid a lengthy spell behind bars!

Online Comments so far:-

I have heard of cat burglargies, but of cat's smugglings that a new one on me. I wonder who trained the cat to carry out this chore and how it knew to climb up that particular prison wall?

Still it all turned to be a CATastrophy. Paws for thought, just a whisker away from getting away with it!

Article Courtesy of Metro and www.policeoracle.com